UFRA: New Blue Line!


The swiss manufacturer UFRA, in activity since the 70′s, has released the “Blue Line“: a new line of foam tyres pre glued on Blue Rims.t

These tires from UFRA are designed for model cars  in ⅛ scale Track, IC touring car, 1/10 pan car and 1/12 as well as the new and ever more popular F1 cars.

Available in a range of hardness’, hopefully they won’t leave you “feeling blue” at the track (do you see what I did there!)

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Team Trinity D4 Motor


Trinity is not a name we’ve had too much news about on RCTV, but the new D4 motor from the US brand will be out soon, after the prototype D4 sold for over $500 on ebay just recently. Marketing efforts aside, the D4 is sure to be a big player in the pits at electric races (at least in the US, it’s not such a big brand outside of North America) with a new stator and design for increased heat dissipation, as well as other features to improve the alignment of the bearings. It’s also lighter by a few grams compared to the D3.5 and uses external solder connectors for the motor wires. The all-new D4 will be available in different versions, from 2.5T (!) to 9T, 13.5T and 17.5T Stock.

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Race Report – AMC/CARS Shootout R1


Sunday 18th May saw the first round of the ever-popular Summer Shootout Series take place in Chesterfield, UK. These events have become a regular fixture for indoor racers in the UK in recent years and offer the best opportunity to practice and conduct testing on a national standard track with good grip. Once again Action Model Centre are supporting the series this year, which will cater for 1/12 scale LMP12 and GT12 cars as well as GT10. More than 100 drivers made this a capacity event which included drivers of all levels from national winners down to local club racers.

Read the rest of Marks report after the Jump!

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Team Muzzle World GT / LMP1 Bodies!


We’ve already seen the fantastic LMP 1 (Le Mans Prototype) cars from speed passion and now the Japanese Team Muzzle has released the first images of it’s new body for that chassis. The really clever this is that the shell comes with alternate parts so you can have a shell that looks like a “Toyota TS030″ or an “Audi R18″ – Hopefully an update for the new Porsche d909 Hybrid is on it’s way as well!!

Press continue to see the transformation!!

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HUDY Carpet Gripper Additive

With the indoor carpet winter season properly getting underway at the moment (don’t forget to listen to the latest podcast to hear all about that!), the well-known HUDY brand has chosen an ideal time to announce their latest release – the Carpet Gripper additive.

HUDY’s first foray into the competitive additive market, this has been developed by the HUDY team of top drivers to help develop the maximum traction whilst “keeping the car stable and easy to drive”.

The additive comes in a 65ml bottle with an applicator.

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Speed Passion LM-1 Le Mans Racer Video

After our preview yesterday we now have 2 short product videos for the new Speed Passion  LM-1 Le Mans style pan car – the first looks at the car on track (well being trundled sedately round the RC Addict facility in Bangkok) and the second (press continue to see!) some close ups of the chassis itself! The Car looks great and I personally would love to see a full grid of these as soon as possible!

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Speed Passion LM-F Le Mans!


Speed Passion has officially announced their new 1/10th scale GT pancar LM-F. “It is a realistic representation of the cars at Le Mans” – Actually lets be honest, it’s an Audi R18 with different decals, but due to licensing it can’t be called that!  However it does look fabulous and the front headlights can accept an LED kit for added realism! The car runs on a modified SP1 Formula One chassis .

Of course the real R18 also uses electric power from it’s flywheel hybrid system, there is no mention within the SP press release of a scale version of that part of the car!

The LM-F it will be on sale at the end of the year, both as a Ready-To-Run and a “pro kit”  without electronics!

More pictures after the Jump!

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Tekin announces RSX ESC!


The Tekin has announced the new RSX electronic speed controller for brushless motors!  The ESC has a compact design, measuring only 25.4 x 33 x 12.9mm and is compatible with 4-9 cell Ni-MH and 2S and 3S LiPo batteries.  It can be run in sensored or sensorless modes and features a large aluminium heat sink and fan to keep things cool!  You can use the Tekin Hotwire for further adjustments.

Keep reading for all the specs!

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Kerswell Wins BRCA World GT National

Last weekend saw the BRCA hold their 2013 World GT National.  This year, the National was held as a single 2-day event, to make it easier for racers to fit it into their busy summer schedule.  Serpent driver Chris Kerswell attended with his S100 and dominated the event.  Therefore, there’s probably no one better to report on the event than Chris himself!

Keep reading for Chris’ full report!

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Hobbywing Xerun V10 Motors


Hobbywing have announced that their brand new brushless motors, the Hobbywing V10, will be available shortly!

The sensored motors feature fully adjustable timing and are suitable for 1/10th Touring Car, Pan Car and Off-Road racing, along with 1/12th circuit too.  The motors come in all popular winds, from the fastest modified turns through to 21.5T (primarily designed for Rock Crawling).  RC TV understands that 2006 World Champion Andy Moore has been running these motors for a while, and having seen his car on track they certainly aren’t short of power!  Andy has been very impressed with these motors, and you’ll be able to get your hands on them by the end of the month!

Keep reading for more hi-res pictures of the motor!

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