Sneak Peek of the Pro-Line Blockade MT tires.


Look it’s a tyre – in Nightvision – “Why”? I hear you ask.

Well the answer comes in this one line from Pro-Line :- ”Hey there, We wanted to share a first look at the Pro-Line Blockade 3.8 All Terrain Tires for Monster Truck that will be released this month.”

So there you have it!

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Orion Vortex-R: new PC software package


Team Orion is proud to release a new USB LINK-PC software that allows you to program, update and increase the functionalities of your Team Orion ESC. This new release features an improved user interface along with the ability to import/export/print your ESC settings. As always each new release contains all the previously released ESC firmware updates.

ESC Setups of the stars
We have added new ESC setup sheets from our star drivers. You can now try out their race winning setups and improve your own racing performance. Settings from US stars Ty Tessman, Dakota Phend, Ryan Cavalieri, Ryan Mayfield, Frank Root and European Champion Jorn Neumann are available!

More specs and a picture after the jump.

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Get Your Top Off! : JJ Wang


Our post-Worlds coverage kicks off with a few special features.  First up, we took a look inside JJ Wang’s brand new HPI HB Pro 5, which he piloted to a strong B Main result at the 2014 IFMAR ISTC Worlds.  Keep reading for a detailed inside look at the brand new chassis!

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Axial Yeti Options – A Roof Rack!


TheAxial Yeti has just arrived on the shelves of hobby shops and the option parts manufactures are falling over themselves to produce as many add ons as possible!

American firm Gear Head have launched a roof-rack! Officially it is to support an LED lighting rig – but for true authenticity they should also manufacturer a scale mattress which would be lashed on in a precarious fashion and driven too fast in the middle lane of the Motorway!

More exciting roof rack pictures in your Halfords catalogue – oh and after the jump!

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“Come Drive With Us” – 2014 1/8th Buggy Worlds Documentry

This is the Trailer for “Come Drive With Us” a documentary on the 1/8th Worlds written and produced by Cory Drachenberg produced in collaboration with the ProLine. The full documentary release is scheduled for 28 November. Cory has already produced films on the Dirt Nitro challenge and the cactus classic, as he and ProLine attempt to chronicle a “bucket list” of major races.



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HobbyTech Survolt BX 10 Sport 2.0 – VIDEO

Here is a Video of the 2.0 version (I’ll admit I missed the 1.0 car) of the HobbyTech Survolt BX10 Sport 2wd Buggy. It’s an RTR buggy, it goes round tracks and it has special features which are outlined in the Video and also in a list when you press continue!

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Orion IQ-4X Charger for everything!



The Advantage IQ-4X is a new high-tech battery management system for AA/AAA NIMH/NICD batteries and LiPo/LiFe micro batteries. This compact charger can charge, discharge, cycle, refresh and break-in your batteries. This helps you to keep them working optimally and allows you to evaluate their performance. The IQ-4X features four independent channels, which means that different functions and different types of cells can be used simultaneously; such as charging LiPo and NiMH cells at the same time. A large size LCD screen and bright LED, display data and provide function status monitoring. Extra charge settings (LiPo/Life charge end voltage, delta-peak, maximum charge temperature) are available, allowing the user to fine tune the charge characteristics. The charger is also equipped with a 5V/1A USB port to recharge mobile devices. The Team Orion design and a wide range of functionalities make this charger a unique product on the market.

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Schumacher SupaStox GT Launch Video

The Brand new Supastox GT has a rather nifty Launch Video in which Schumachers Chris Ashton explains what’s new, different and how it’s improved for the 1/12th Circuit racer!

Press continue for a complete list of what’s new and more pictures.

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Radio-controlled Rescue Fireboat!


Unfortunately,the summer is just a distant memory, but if you have a particularly large bath you can still enjoy playing boats with this Aquacraft RC fire ship – the Rescue 17.

Apparently there aren’t many fire boats on the market, so if you have a very small fire near a small amount of water this is your RC answer!

More boat based pictures and specs after the jump!

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ProLine Pro-MT 2wd Monster Truck – Video

Pro-Line have released the first action video of the new PRO-MT 2WD monster truck. its up above so enjoy

Below (well when you press continue) are some more pics and a full spec sheet!

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