EFRA Large Scale Off Road Euros – Friday, Qualifying and Lower Finals – Live

Friday sees the final round of qualifying for the Large Scale Off Road Euros here in Austria, and then after Lunch the finals action starts with racing all the way to the 1/8ths in both 2WD and 4WD. John Hindhaugh talks you through the days action in Fehring as everyone tries to qualify for, or bump-up to tomorrows main finals!

For viewers in Germany please see our article on Watching Live Here

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Yokomo B-Max4III Lightweight Options


To celebrate their victory in the Japanese JMRCA National Championships, Yokomo are releasing this set of bits to lighten their winning B-Max4III buggy. The set includes the chassis, motor mount, diff cases and more, and includes options for mounting a saddle pack or shorty pack, plus changing the location of the motor.

The “Lightweight Spec Combo” kit is meant to improve performance on high grip tracks but who doesn’t want a lighter weight car no matter what?

For pictures of the different battery & motor setups, click Continue!

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EFRA Large Scale Off Road Euros – Thursday – Qualifying – LIVE!

All the action from Austria as the Big Boys of Radio control begin qualifying for both European championships up for grabs in 2WD and 4WD. John Hindhaugh talks you through the racing and who know there may be a lunchtime show as well!

For viewers in Germany please see our article on Watching Live Here

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Team Titan Blitz TS02G 200mm Nitro Body


Team Titan has unleashed their new body for nitro touring cars, the Blitz TS02G. You’ll notice it’s not really a touring car, using the tried-and-true LeMans prototype style for super-quick speeds and maximum aero efficiency. The body has the cabin in a new position similar to that of the TS02E, with a design that maximizes the flow of air at the head of the engine and simplifies access to the tank during refuelling. The Blitz TS02G is made of polycarbonate with a thickness of 1mm and is sold with window masks.

Click Continue to see another picture of the Blitz TS02G!

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WiFi Link for GForce Speed ESCs


Expect to see many new RC electronics this year and next featuring WiFi, Bluetooth, apps and more, as chips get smaller and cheaper and RC specialists find new ways to integrate smartphone tech into our RC gear! One of the first companies to take advantage is Japanese brand GForce with their Wi-Fi Link that lets you customize profiles for their TS series of speedos.

Using a free iOS or Android app, you’ll be able to wirelessly control and tweak your speedo! Well, you’ll need a wire to connect the module to your speedo, but it’s much simpler than programming the controller using buttons, lights and beeps!

Click Continue for an up-close picture of the Wi-Fi Module and extra details!

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Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R Custom from ABC Hobby


ABC Hobby has announced their latest awesome body for serious drift action: the Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R KPGC 110 CUSTOM. This body is full of details, like headlights, tail lights and turn signals ready to mount LED lights.

Check out more pictures of this amazing body – click Continue!

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Yeah Racing Crawler Accessories – Scaler Heaven!


Yeah Racing is really dropping things left and right these days – and now scaler fiends have some awesome new details they can add to their trucks! The parts are 1/10th scale and include a chain and hook set, fuel barrel, chrome headlights, fuel cans with holders, roof rack and more.

Click Continue for pictures of all these new parts!

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Yokomo Touring Car BD7 ETS Champion Limited Edition


The BD7 ETS is the latest kit to be released from Yokomo – it’s a limited edition full competition touring car that celebrates the multiple ETS wins from the venerable Japanese brand. How limited is it? How about just 25 copies?!

Each of the 25 copies has a selection of different optional parts, a Yokomo carry bag and kit box with serial number. The BD7 ETS is the BD7 Black with several extra option parts: cardan front double joint, grahpite body posts, aluminium servo mount, top-quality ball bearings, aluminium belt tensioner, ball joints, belt tensioners and titanium nitride-coated main gear.

Click Continue to see some detail pictures of this super-limited racing car!

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Tamiya F103 and F104: Advanced Steering System


Japenise tuning house TRG has released the first photos and information of it’s new twin crank steering system, Tamiya F103 and F104 F1 cars. The system is designed to improve the geometry and improve the ackermann and to “improve high speed turning performance”. To use this option you will need low profile Servo with a  height of 25/27 cm.

Eagle eyed readers will have noticed the car above in the picture has the standard set up – so you’ll need to press continue to see the new steering system in all it’s glory!

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ARC R10 2015 Touring Car


Touring car maker ARC has announced the latest version of their R10 touring car, the R10 2015. As you’d expect, it’s got 4WD, belt drive and is competition-oriented, so it’s a BIY (Build-It-Yourself) kit and you’ll need to supply the electronics, wheels, tyres and body. It has various improvements to the shocks, suspension, steering motor mount and more. You’ll also be able to get an upgrade kit for the R10 2013 to bring it up to date. The model is supplied with all the mechanical part, except, electronics, wheels, tires and body.

For all the details about the 2015 spec ARC R10, click Continue!

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