Aquacraft Atlantic II RTT (Ready to Tow!) Tug!!

Tug-Tactic news from Aquacraft, here is there promotional video for the Atlantic II Harbor Tug.
The model comes completely assembled and ready to use. The hull has a is 77cm long and powered by a 550 class motor

To start navigating, you’ll need a Li-Po (11.1V 2200 mAh), a charger, six AA bateries and a pond!

Lots more specs and info if you press continue.

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Kyosho FO-XX VE/GP Formula off-road Video

Kyoto have released the first video of their new FO-XX ⅛ scale Truck wish is available in both an electric and Nitro version. Both models are supplied ready to run with the KT200 radio remote control The twin frame vertical plate has rigid axles front and rear. With waterproof electrics.

The electric version uses the brushless Team Orion Neon 8 motor from and two 2S battery packs, while the nitro has the 3.5cc KE-25

Lot’s more pics after the jump.

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Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer 4WD – Video

Here is the first video of the new ” Spawn Rock Racer” based on the Axial Wraith. It’ll be an RTR and available “soon”!


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RC Racings Pretty Accurate, (Well Probably) TC Silly Season Specualtion item!

IMG_1578It’s coming to the time of year when drivers’ contracts are up and negotiations take place ahead of the new season!  We had a number of ears to the ground over at the ISTC words in Florida. Conversations were had, gossip was shared, enormous leaps of logic were made, and here is our completely speculative (but founded in some sort of fact) who might go where for 2015!

So press continue for our full rundown of the top 30 drivers!

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“Get Your Top Off” : Freddy Sudhoff


Continuing our run of post-Worlds coverage, here’s a look at Freddy Sudhoff’s Awesomatix. The car featured a number of interesting new parts, including new, 3D-printed C Hubs, aluminium wishbones, and a “floating” motor mount. Keep reading for all the under-the-shell pictures!

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“Get Your Top Off” : Atsushi Hara


RC Racing TV’s Man Of The Year 2013, Atsushi Hara, was kind enough to let us take a look at his factory Yokomo BD7-2015 at the Worlds last week.  Any car of Hara’s is sure to be examined, so keep reading for all the pictures!

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Bittydesign Monza-L8 body


Bittydesign have released their new body for the 1/8th Track class the. Monza-L8. Designed to provide  ”Good steering on entry  but at same time also a very easy driving feeling”.

The body comes with protective film and n 2 different high quality polycarbonate thickness, 0.75mm and 1mm, the kit include also decal sheet and windows mask. Monza-L8 is EFRA and ROAR approved.

More pics after the jump.

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HPI Savage XL Body, the GTXL1


HPI has just launched  a new body for the monster truck Savage XL Octane and XL 5.9. The” GTXL-1″, is inspired by the  rugged boxy trucks of the 70′s and 80′s

The body comes with Decals and overspray film


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SERPENT Viper 977e – the Video!

Serpent have released their promo video for the Viper 977e: the 977e is the Electric version of their flagship 1/8th Nitro chassis which won the 2013 world championships held this time last year in Japan.

More pics when you press continue

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Sneak Peek of the Pro-Line Blockade MT tires.


Look it’s a tyre – in Nightvision – “Why”? I hear you ask.

Well the answer comes in this one line from Pro-Line :- ”Hey there, We wanted to share a first look at the Pro-Line Blockade 3.8 All Terrain Tires for Monster Truck that will be released this month.”

So there you have it!

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