Sweep Racing STC-6 TC Body


Sweep Racing has announced a new TC body they’re calling the STC-6. From their teaser pictures, above, it seems to be quite similar to the STC-4, with some changes to the engine cover strakes. Right now we’ve got no more info, but when we do get it we’ll post it!

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Team Durango Neumann & Orlowski Euro Set-Up Sheets

Well that didn’t take long! Team Durango have released the EFRA-winning Jörn Neumann set-ups from their successful European Championship campaign! Just go here to get them from TD’s In The Pits area of their site: http://www.team-durango.com/in-the-pits.php

You can get the Jorn’s winning setups for both the DEX210v2 and DEX410v4…the only thing you’ll need is his skills! You can also get the set-up sheets from Team Durango’s youngest off-road Pro racer, Michal Orlowski, which helped him to his first ever EFRA Euro ‘A’ Main final finish with the DEX410v4. You can get Team Durango Pro team driver set-ups, including the brand new Euro winning exclusives, here now: http://www.team-durango.com/in-the-pits.php

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JConcepts RC10B5 & B5M Ultra Wheel Hexes

JConcepts continues to churn out the awesome options for the AE B5 and B5M! These new Ultra Front Wheel Hexes promise to lighten rotating weight and increase durability while looking cool, and are available in a cool electric blue as well as classic black!

Click Continue for more pictures, full features and part numbers!

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EFRA European 1/10th 4WD Buggy A Finals

With last years winner not making the A final, it’s all up for grabs in Trelleborg, Sweden!

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Interview with Michael Salven about the new Natrix 748

Serpent have sent over an interview with Michael Salven, the man behind the Natrix 748.

Even if you’re more interested in other RC racing classes, check it out, at least just to check out what ‘Natrix’ means! Click Continue to read the full interview!

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Sanwa M12 2.4 GHz FHSS 40th Anniversay Limited Edition Set


The Sanwa M12 has started to see the light of day, and now there’s a new version of the M12 just announced!

To celebrate the 40th year of Sanwa, the Japanese company is releasing a limited 40th anniversay edition of their top-of-the-line radio, with three receivers: RX-471, RX-471 Dual-ID-RX-472. Each radio transmitter is also marked with an individual serial number.

The M12 is packed with telemetry that you can access depending on the receiver that you decide to use: engine speed, temperature, battery power and more. The set also includes the battery pack for the radio and a charger.

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Alain-Bernard Arnaldi Wins the EFRA Large Scale Touring Car Euros!


After a day of rain, wind, sun, more rain, more wind, a little bit of sun, then more rain in Portugal for the EFRA Large Scale Touring Car European Championships, the Semi-Final races were absolutely fantastic and the Main Final was a flag-to-flag victory for Frenchman Alain-Bernard Arnaldi! German racer, current World Champion (and full-time dentist!) Markus Feldmann came in second after a steady 30-minute race, and the podium was completed with a second Frenchman, Mathieu Briere, taking third place.

Read more and see the races – click the Continue button below!

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Neumann Regains 4WD Euro Title


Jorn Neumann has regained the 4WD EFRA European Championship title he held in 2011 and 2012, before losing it to Martin Bayer in Spain last year. The German Team Durango driver took relatively easy wins in A Final Legs 1 and 2 to wrap up the title at the indoor hockey arena in Trelleborg, Sweden.

Keep reading for the full story of Jorn’s win!

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EFRA Large Scale Touring Car Euros – Saturday – The Finals – LIVE!

It’s Finals Day in Portugal! We’ve got non-stop Final action all day as the drivers try to bump-up to the half hour Main final, where they can become the Large Scale Touring Car European Champions!

For viewers in Germany using Firefox or Chrome browsers you can install ProxTube Here to allow you to watch our Live Stream.

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EFRA Large Scale Touring Car Euros – Saturday RAIN DELAY!

Hessel says 'hmmm'

Yes, it’s raining in Vila Real, Portugal!

Quite. A lot.

The racing programme has been delayed until mid-day (1300 CET), and the live show from Portugal will be online then.

Click Continue for more information and pictures from the track!

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